“The Intrinity is an interactive alchemical tool to accelerate consciousness.”
The Intrinity by Frederick Shute

The Intrinity can be used in many ways – as a display piece, worn as a pendant, or as earrings. Some of the symbols found in the Intrinity are: Hebrew Star, Infinity Symbol, Celtic Triskele, Merkaba / Star Tetrahedron, Trinity (Triangle), Circle/Sphere, and the Human Heart.

The Intrinity is composed of 3 elements. The center circle with triangle is an ancient symbol of the trinity of man. Body, Mind and Soul, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Darma, Samboga and Nirmana, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In every religion and religious belief system, the trinity is fundamental.

On the sides of the central circle and triangle are two Treskals, most famously represented at New Grange Ireland. This also is a symbol of the “Three Ways.” In the Intrinity, the two Treskals connect to form a triple infinity. So trinity and triple infinity make Intrinity.

When the Intrinity is spun, you will find a Merkaba!



My Intrinity necklace makes me feel feisty love! Thank you Frederick Lyle Shute for your beautiful artwork and the intention you put into these! I love it! I pair it with my arrow head shaped quartz. Healing the world!

Jennie Byers-Layne

I wear my Intrinity every day. I feel more focused. Like my consciousness has been stabilized. It’s really a powerful spiritual symbol that I was immediately drawn to the first time I saw it. 

Mike Shore

Intrinity Pendant Testimonial

The INTRINITY is amazing!!! It is life changing, its causes ones minds to open up . I purchased one last year, my entire life changed in 3 weeks, here I am 6 months later and I have the knowledge I needed, and wanted. It truly a tool for spiritual change.

Emma Saunders

Emma Saunders

Ever since I’ve gotten my Intrinity my life has changed for the better positive.

Tom Connolly

Intrinity Pendant Testimonial

I absolutely Love my earrings and pendant. I have worn them twice so far and each time I find that I go into a very calm, reflective state. I don’t want to talk or even be spoken too, I’m just a quiet observer. I feel that Intrinity will greatly help me with meditation & energy work. Thank you, Fred, for this wonderful creation.

Amy Felts

Intrinity Pendant Testimonial

Here I am with my new Intrinity pendant. Another jump start to the Cosmos.

Delia Contreras

Intrinity Pendant Testimonial

So excited that I got my intrinity in the mail! My husband and I met Frederick L. Shute last time we were in Sedona and fell in love with them. My husband has a large Intrinity that he plans to keep on his key ring. We love them –thanks so much.

Melissa L. Hart

Intrinity Pendant Testimonial
Over 3,000 Intrinity pendants sold worldwide!


Silver Intrinity Pendant
Wearing the Intrinity  is powerful and life enhancing.
Beyond the personal benefits, we believe the Intrinity can help change the world.
Will you become the next Intrinity Keeper?