Meet the Artist – Frederick Shute

Frederick Shute - Creator of the Intrinity Pendant

The Intrinity is a 3-D Mandala on the Number 3

The Intrinity came to me in the year 2000 after I read “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean.” I believe it to be a 3 dimensional encapsulation of the core information contained in the Emerald Tablets. It is also a 3-D mandala on the number 3. The circle and the triangle in the center of the Intrinity is an ancient symbol representing the 3 aspects of being: Body, Mind and Soul.

Every religious and spiritual tradition has, at it’s core, the knowledge of threeness- the Trinity. On each side of the center circle and triangle is a modified Treskal, inspired by the glyphs on the great monument at New Grange Ireland. The two treskals connect across the Intrinity to form a continuous three legged Infinity- in effect a Tri-infinity. So you have the Trinity and a triple Infinity – hence the name Intrinity.

Intrinity – Body, Mind and Soul

Frederick Shute is a geologist, gemologist, mineralologist, lapidary, silversmith and goldsmith. He has traveled the world as a wholesale gem and jewelry importer, worked as a consultant on diamond mining prospects in Africa and supervised the cutting of rough diamonds in Antwerp and New York. He has owned 5 jewelry stores. Currently he is working diligently to help spread the Intrinity knowledge around the world to aid in the manifestation of the coming great shift of human consciousness.

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